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Homemade Cranberry Honey Lip Gloss

Hello beauties….So I have been experimenting with natural beauty products only to learn that little items for the grocery store work so much better then all these expensive lip balms or glosses that I purchase. My favorite homemade gloss happens to be the Cranberry Honey Lip Gloss. Just imagine having soft and smooth lips. The Cranberry Honey Lips Gloss is natural and organic & it also gives you a finished look with a slash of color.
Lipsticks & lip gloss are always a girls first love, yes even before we are introduced to diamonds. Speaking for myself, I always want to look great and beautiful, but alot of women dont know that most of the products we use are rich in impurities. Because of those reasons I have been learning how to make little make simple beauty products.  My first attempt to make a natural beauty product was the Cranberry Honey Lip Gloss. This homemade gloss will add blossom to your lips with its natural ingredients will also add moisture that will keep your lips healthy.
The thing I love most about this gloss is it will add a hint of color of your lips along with natural antioxidants. Besides being organic and pure, this gloss has a great flavor, which makes your lips very kissable. I figure using this gloss can and will free you free from eating those harmful products most glosses have in them. 

So it is not hard to make this gloss at home. Below is the recipe for making a perfect homemade Cranberry Honey Lip Gloss is as follow:
Ingredients for Homemade Cranberry Honey Lip Gloss:Following are the ingredients needed for delicious cranberry lip gloss:1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil
10 fresh cranberries
1 teaspoon of honey
1 drop of vitamin E oil
Method:Put all the ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl and mix well. Place the cranberry lip gloss ingredients in microwave for two minutes or until the mixture just begins to boil.
Stir the mixture and gently crush the cranberries.
Put the cranberry lip gloss mixture aside to let it cool for five minutes and then strain it through a fine sleve to remove all the fruit pieces.
Mix well again and let the mixture to cool completely.
After the cranberry lip gloss mixture gets cool, pour into a small portable plastic or tin container.
Use this wonderful homemade cranberry lip gloss by spreading a small amount onto your lips.

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